Friday, July 15, 2011

Litchfield National Park

After Douglas-Daly we moved on to Litchfield National Park. We had 3 nights here and loved it. We did lots of walking, some 4wd'ing, swimming and just mucking around. On the way we stopped at the Butterfly Farm at Batchelor.

Huge Termite Mounds - look how little we are!

We walked into the Cascades - all of us except for Mummy got our sneakers ALL wet and muddy - Mum thought she was pretty good that she kept hers dry. It was like a goat track in parts. We had to cross creeks and climb up lots of rocks. We loved it. Daddy wasn't having as much fun as he had Chloe on his back.

We did 2 4wd tracks. The Lost City was really cool. It was super tall rocks that looked like it was an old old city.

The next one was out to Blyth Homestead, and onto Sandy Creek Falls. We had to go through some water crossings on the way to them - that was fun as the first creek had a sign that said "no swimming, crocodiles"!!!

The walk into the Falls was a good one too, and the waterhole at the end of it was really nice, but the water was super cold again. It didn't stop Mummy and she went swimming all the way to the other side and sat on the rocks near the waterfall. We think she just wanted some time on her own!!

We met some fun boys back at the camp, who were in their caravan beside us. We would disappear with our scooters and the parents would have to come yelling for us to come back for dinner.

We also went to Buleys Rockpools which were fantastic.

Next stop: DARWIN!

Day 10 Douglas-Daly

We headed off to visit Umbrawarra Gorge today - about an hrs drive away from where we were camped. It was fun to go driving on the highway without the caravan finally....Daddy loved being able to go the speed limit and it felt like we were flying.

The gorge was really nice - just a little walk in and we were there. The water was FREEZING though so we just played on the edge a bit. We got to climb over rocks too.

We really liked staying at the Douglas-Daly park - we found some other kids to play with and had lots of fun riding our scooters around with them, and making lots of noise and no one cared!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 8 and 9 Katherine to Douglas-Daly

Well Saturday was Mummy's Birthday and we spent the morning at Katherine Gorge going for a walk to a Look Out! It was super steep in parts and we all needed a drinks break at the top. The view was amazing! You aren't allowed to swim in the water here as there are lots of crocodiles that might eat YOU!!! Daddy had a special carrier that went on his back and he gave Chloe a ride while we all walked. She loved being up nice and high! We got to have an iceblock at the cafe back at the bottom - oh so nice.

That afternoon we went to the Katherine Hot Springs. They are a natural spring and are about 32degrees all year round. It was lots of fun there - us 3 kids had lots of fun swimming around in the water.

We went out for tea to celebrate Mum's Birthday at the Bistro at the Caravan Park.

Today we packed up again and headed for our next destination, a short drive of only 200kms. We are at the Douglas-Daly Tourist Park on the Douglas River. It’s a great park – lots of bush and dirt and places for us to run and ride our scooters. We’ve met some kids here too and they watched a movie with us after tea tonight.

This afternoon we went to the Water Hole where we had a swim on the sandy beach edge. It was very cold at the start but that didn’t stop us from getting in and getting wet and having lots of fun.

Tomorrow we go to a gorge called Umbrawarra Gorge – its about an hr away and we will get to go for another swim there too.

Mummy and Daddy love our caravan….we keep hearing Mummy say “Oh Michael…I’m SO glad we got the van – its SO nice!” We think its pretty special too.